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# BUGS : DBPAQ Project
#  Copyright (c)2006 Top Pane Networks, Inc., Yokohama
#  Copyright (c)2006 Kuragano Tetsuhiro, Yokohama
#  This program is free software;  you can redistribute it and/or modify
#  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2).
#  This program is distributed under GPL2 WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
#  See GPL2 for more details.

Thank you for reading this file.
Your contributions are welcome.

see also BUGS.

** packaging area **

- use autotool chain for make (if it did not make things complex)

- redhat compatible package

- debian compatible package

** testing/documentation area **

- add more testsuites

- documentation for DBAs

- documentation for SQL developers

- documentation for C developers

** coding area **

- reduce code size

- speed up the main paths (you need a testsuite to measure)

- clean up source codes

- rename cryptic names in the codes to good ones

- rewrite client parts (vserver, dbmcli, odbc etc.)

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