# -*- mode:text; fill-column:75; coding:no-conversion; -*-
# BUGS : DBPAQ Project
#  Copyright (c)2006 Top Pane Networks, Inc., Yokohama
#  Copyright (c)2006 Kuragano Tetsuhiro, Yokohama
#  This program is free software;  you can redistribute it and/or modify
#  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2).
#  This program is distributed under GPL2 WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
#  See GPL2 for more details.

Your contributions welcome.

* features without any testsuite are NOT supported by dbpaq project yet.

* core(kernel) features which DID work in sapdb 7.3.48
  should work in dbpaq except
   - sqlmode other than 'internal(adabas)' and 'oracle(sapr3)'
   - unicode(ucs16) mode
   - raw device
   - os other than linux 2.6
   - isolation level other than 0, 1, 3
   - tracing/debug aid
   - date and time formats other than 'ISO' and 'INTERNAL' (JIS etc. is ISO)

* application(client) modules which lap other modules will be obsolete.
  ex. part of dbmcli/dbmsrv, most of sql_run etc.

* application(client)interfaces other than both "the order interface"
  and subset of SQL-CLI(ODBC) will be obsolete.
  ex. precompilter interface, sapdb DBC, jdbc etc.

* applications for windows and appications for web are obsolete.
  ex. dbmgui, webdbm, sqlstudio, dbanalyzer etc.

* source codes are not clean yet.

* some functions need prototypes.

* header files have many duplicates. cleanup is needed.

* some cryptic names are in source codes which were made by pascal-translator.
  you are recommended to refer the original code in ~/src.sapdb.

* documentations in ~/doc directory are very-early-drafts.

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